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knockdown nokia 3108
(Disassembly Instructions)
1 Remove the stylus from the C-Cover.
2 Press the Release Button before removing the C-Cover.
3 Remove the battery from the B-Cover.
4 Unscrew the two T6 screws, in the order shown. For assembly, they should be replaced in the reverse order to a torque load of 21Ncm.
5 Carefully open the A-cover from B-cover, and insert tweezers to remove the key-board flex onnector.
6 Carefully remove the keyboard flip flex connector from the phone PWB.
7 Remove the A-cover as shown.
8 Unscrew five T6 screws, in the order shown. For assembly the reverse order should be used with a torque load of 25Ncm.
9 Take the module from the B-cover and carefully remove touchpad from the PWB as shown. 10 Carefully unplug the display connector by removing the UI-shield from the PWB.
11 Carefully separate the UI-shield from the PWB.
12 Remove speaker, when assembling, note the location of the guide pin.
13 Ensure that your workplace is always clean. Take a clean cloth and press LCD, near speaker, away from the UI-shield.
14 The shielding is attached with hooks at its backside. To remove the shielding rom the B-cover you first have to expand the B-cover, then pull up the shielding.
15 To remove colour frame from antenna, use SRT-6 tool to unlock the snap.
16 Remove the Power key.
17 Use the SRT-6 tool to remove the antenna.
18 Use tweezers as a lever to remove the vibra motor.
19 Use tweezers to pull up the microphone.
20 To remove the DC-jack, place tweezers between the spring contacts and under the jack. You will need to use additional force to pull the jack upwards.
21 Remove the release spring, a straight bladed screwdriver can be used as a lever.
22 Expand the B-cover carefully and remove the SIM-Flip.
23 Insert keyboard flip disassembly tool pin SS-6 into the flip cover hole.
24 Push the pin down to the end and move toward the right.
25 Move off flip cover right corner.
26 Move whole flip cover off from A-cover. (take care when handling the FLEX)

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