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Disassembly Instructions Nokia 7600
1. First remove LH Sleeve.
2. Now remove RH Sleeve.
3. Dismount C-Cover.
4. Pull up D-cover, which is attached to B-cover with adhesive tape.
5. Unscrew Antenna screw. Use a new Torx Plus screw and a torque of 26 Ncm for assembly.
6. The Corner Piece fits very tight, soit needs some extra force to separate it from the B-cover with the SRT-6.
7. The A-cover is fixed with several plastic clips. Start with the clip near to the system connector.
8. Loosen the clips anti-clockwise by using the SRT-6 as a lever. Do not twist the RT-6 because this could cause damage to the cover.
9. Remove A-cover.
10. Unscrew the six Torx Plus screws using the order shown. For assembly the reverse order and a torque of 19 Ncm has to be used for an old B-cover and 22 Ncm for a new cover. No electric or air driver are allowed to be used for assembly.
11. Unlock the three clips from the UI Assembly, as indicated.
12. If unlocking doesn’t work check that the Antenna screw has been removed.
13. Remove UI Assembly.
14. After opening the side clips the Lightguide can be removed.
15. Carefully open LCD Connector with the SRT-6. Do not damage the sensitive flex foil.
16. Remove LCD.
17. Press out Earpiece from guiding pin side.
18. Separate UI PWB from Engine Shield.
19. Dismount Engine module.
20. Use disassembly side of the SRT-11 to remove the VGA Camera. Use the other side of the SRT-11 for assembly.
21. Lever out WCDMA Antenna from B-cover.
pcb layout diagram

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