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Disassembly instructions Nokia 7380
1. You need the following tools.
2. Open the clips of the B-cover. Starting at the bottom side. Slide the SRT-6 to the top carefully.
3. Continue on the other side...
4. ...and the top side.
5. Remove the B-cover.
Note: Always use a new B-cover when reassembling the unit.
6. Use the SRT-6 to lift the light guide and unlock the shown side of the A-cover assy.
7. Slide the SRT-6 along the A-cover to lift it a bit.
8. Remove the A-cover. Be careful not to damage the flex foil of the UI mod Note: Always use a new A-cover when reassembling the unit.
9. Unlock the hooks securing the lanyard.
10. Remove the lanyard.
11. Note the correct position of the keymat (marked arrow). This is important when reassembling.
12. Remove the keymat.
13. Remove the battery.
14. Remove the sticker securing the rotator flex.
15. Carefully, unlock the UI module. 16. Be careful with the components and the rotator flex.
17. Very gently, disconnect the UI module.
Note: Before reassembling, make sure the flex connector is OK.
18. Unlock the snaps using a slotted screw driver.
19. Repeat on the other side.
20. Hold the display with a clean cloth when removing the C-cover assy. Note: Always use a new C-cover when reassembling the unit.
21. Open the display connector with the SRT-6 carefully. Remove the LCD assy. Protect it with the film.
22. Remove the camera gasket.
23. Unlock and remove the battery PWB clip.
24. Unlock the clips securing the engine module.
25. Carefully, remove the engine module from the D-cover.
26. Use the SS-45 when removing the camera. Note the guide pin when fitting the camera. Reassembly instructions Steps 1. Follow the disassembly instructions in reversed order , from step 26 to step 21. 2. Always secure the C-cover by pressing the two snaps into the D-cover when reassembling the unit. 3. Repeat on the other side. 4. Follow the disassembly instructions in reversed order , from step 20 to step 18. Note: Pay special attention to step 20. 5. Position the flex foil as shown. 6. Make sure that the flex foil is placed correctly before continuing. 7. Follow the disassembly instructions in reversed order , from step 17 to step 9. Note: Pay special attention to step 17 and 11. 8. Be extra careful with the flex assy when assembling the A-cover assy. 9. Be careful with the flex assy on the other side as well.

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